Moving to another country, another culture, another language, changing jobs, a new school for the kids, rebuilding your family’s and your own social life… These are some of the reasons why moving to another country can be very stressful for expatriates. So, it’s very important that they are properly helped by a person who knows the area and the customs well.

Looking for a house or apartment (for sale or for rent) is one of the first things to do on your list.

Whether you are a private individual, company manager or colleague having to relocate, Globe Properties efficiently finds the property you’re looking for.

Furthermore, Globe Properties provides a professional service for you and your family. We assist with practical and administrative issues, even before you arrive in Belgium.

Globe Properties is a real estate agent (with license) and your “personal property hunter”.

Please enjoy the following recommandation :

Hi everyone!

We’re home-grown South Africans and have just moved to Leuven, Belgium. We would like to share our success story and the amazing service provided by Marleen Kentane from Globe Properties.

Though she specialises in finding properties, it has been more of a full emigration service.

She found us the perfect apartment (video calling us from each prospective one), sorted out all the paperwork, made sure we understood how everything works (gas, electricity, etc is very different to South Africa!).

Marleen even called IKEA to clear up a misunderstanding with our delivery, and then stuck around an entire day waiting for the delivery. She fetched us from the airport, joined us in setting up our SIM cards and home Wi-Fi packages, etc, and has reassured us that she’ll be around for any further questions or concerns.

It gave us peace of mind knowing that everything had been considered and we wouldn’t arrive having missed something.

Yes, you could probably get everything done by yourself, but, when emigrating, you have soooo much stress, that having someone familiar in Belgium willing to help is a huge relief. I would really recommend you budget in this service if you are thinking of emigrating.

We could not have done this without you. Thank you, Marleen!

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